Bloomington, IL

Bloomington, IL

Meltdown Creative Works

This is the company that exposes my screens.

20”x 24” 200 mesh.

Printing size is 13” x 16”

You have to do the Photoshop imagery. They will not adjust anything. You must make it so all imagery prints backwards.

2-3 day from arrival of files until pick-up/shipping

They will ship to the Lower 48 states.

Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis, IN

AMACO Velvet Series Underglazes

Remember use water to thin or simply microwave the underglaze to thicken.

LG-10 Transparent Clear

This is the magical glaze but please always remember to test.

I use it for mu “tape” at cone 6-7 but I have tested it in liners for raku pieces, cone 10 reduction and woodfiring.