"He is the Citizen Kane of cardboard ceramicist." - Doug Johnson

"Along similar lines Mitchell Spain . . . " - drillpublisher

"I've seen those in movies, but surely they can't be real." - FloydB

"The feel of that un[der]glazed ceramic would make my skin crawl." - Dynamiklol 

"Uncomfortable like nails on a chalkboard, where you dont like it but really know why?" - Kahlandar

Or uncomfortable like wiping and changing your grandmother." - 

"Does this work with tea or is it only for coffee?" - newguy208

"Its not meant to be cleaned - its for panhandling." - kimfatty3rd

"Dry clean only." - liarandathief

"I've always wanted an expensive mug to pretend I'm homeless." - clitcthulu

"This should deliver my mouth some beer." - FlapjackHatRack

"I don't think I've ever had a mug need more than a quick rinse inside. What, are you dipping you're entire mug in a vat of coffee or something? You get you morning brew from a well?" - Dany-Heatly05

 "Its really great, he and Paul Ide have been having this 'feud'. Probably gonna get a mug with a handle before he does." - _Sperminator

"Just have one of you maids clean it." - FloydB

"You are reluctantly articulate." - Doug Johnson

"Don't rinse them too hard, you might clean them!" - arcusmae

"Eggs cost money, glaze costs money." - sinkkonen_93

"Cardboard King of the Midwest." - Michael Thomas Hurley

"Made by an independent artist, thats how he makes his living. Making just a "normal" mug can take over an hour of accumulated time. This is hand carved with very small tools." - kill-all-nazis

"Eggs cost money, cheese costs money, heating a pan costs money. Does that make my omelette an $80 piece of art?" - WhosUrBuddiee

"What? A post in r/DesignPorn and nobody is stuffing flaming hot Cheetos up their asses and slamming every minute detail of it in the comments? What's going on?" - HenryJonesVictor

"Top 30%." - Doug Johnson